Presenting at Columbia Community Campout August 2014

I’ll be teaching two classes at the Columbia Campout Festival this August.

Embodying the Archetypes
Join the Tarot Reality Show experience. Embodying the Archetypes uses a guided meditation that allows participants to “become” one of the major arcana archetypes. Once the participants have embodied their chosen card, host Jaymi Elford then asks those archetypes questions, and gives them a chance to interact with one another as if they were real persons and not just an image drawn on a card. Part guided meditation and part impromptu acting, this class isn’t for the feint of heart. Are you ready to find out what happens when tarot cards stop being polite and start getting real?

Imbibe and Divine
Imbibe and Divine is a multi-sensory experience where participants explore the tarot in culinary delights. Part wine-tasting and part discussion on the taboos surrounding tarot and drinking, this class seeks to answer the question how can wine be like a tarot card. Jaymi Elford facilitates this class and also introduces the “TIPPSY spread”. No prior knowledge or reading experience is necessary. You don’t have to memorize meanings or esoteric occult lore either. Participation is encouraged but not a requirement; bring your own tarot deck. Class limited to persons 21 and over, IDs checked at the door. (There may be a bring your own wine or a $15 donation to cover the costs of wine, but I am still working those details out with the festival organizers.)

The campout has limited space for attendees, so if you want to join me and the other presenters, sign up now!