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Review: Tarot Coupling

Tarot Coupling Book Cover
Tarot Coupling Book Cover

Tarot Coupling by Gina G. Thies
Schiffer Books, 2014
Review: 4 decks

Disclaimer: I received a eARC from netgalley. Also, the author is a friend of mine from the Tarot circles. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Relationship questions are the bread and butter for tarot readers. I know, because I get asked about them a lot in my practice. So, when Tarot Coupling came out, I was very interested in seeing what Gina Thies could add to the discussion. I was not disappointed. This book has a LOT to offer new and advanced tarot readers. She spends a lot of time discussing the science behind relationships and how tarot readers can support relationships at different stations. She also gives unique and impressive meanings for each card that help support people in relationships at any level. The last chapter in Tarot Coupling includes a tarot spread that you can use in your own practice.

What I Liked: Tarot Coupling goes DEEP into the study of relationships, romance, and the science of attraction. This is important to know because questions on love and romance are psychologically based. We need to know the science on how partners are picked in order to really help our clients. I also loved that Thies took the time to create her own meanings for relationships throughout the four stages of their lifecycle. This is the bang for the buck. No longer will you need to pigeon hole a meaning when the client is in a new relationship stage. Now you can see how the meanings deepen or change throughout the relationship changes. I also liked the lists of romantic suggestions/dates, etc. to help inspire people.

What I Disliked: This is a heavy book. There’s so much science and psychology in the book that it takes awhile to read. I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing, but you will want to take notes and digest what Thies says. I would have also liked it if Thies included a few other spreads (she has just the one), and some sample readings with them.

Bottom Line: I’ve read and reviewed many tarot and relationship books and most of them leave me feeling empty. They are light on the use of tarot in relationships and heavy on the card meanings. Tarot Coupling is my new favorite relationship book. Not only does it provide original and creative meanings for the cards, but it gives a lot of practical advice on how attachments are made and this information can be used to inspire and counsel any client.