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Readers Studio Day Two

Day Two started out with a rush and ended mellow, like my Shiraz which I am enjoying quite a lot. Woke up to the soothing sounds of someone’s cell phone and had a wonderful shower. Dressed in my zombie cupcake skirt finest, we headed down to open our booth and get the goodies that come with registration. The hordes were hungry again, and we sold schloads of product again all day long.
In this post, you’ll learn about what I learned today at the first master class with James Wells, what good eats we had, and how the city’s energy seems to affect me. Click the read more button to read all about today’s installment.

WE snagged a table for the day with Joanna Powell Colbert, James Wells, and a few first time attendees. We finally got to learn what the 3 master classes were from the lovely gentlemen leading them and I was very happy with this years offerings. Every class proposal seemed relevant to an aspect of my life as it currently stands in flux. Lots of good things to come the next couple of days. And I can’t wait to see how I can integrate all this new, juicy info into my tarot bag when I get home.

It seems like I have been sniffies crazy this year. There’s a lot of great tarot and divination oils being produced this year. I snagged an Oracle-themed oil to try and use in my tarot practice, and a Breakthrough oil that I’m hoping will help spur my book projects to creative and publication success. I’m lucky in that I haven’t really found any decks or books to purchase this year. And the ones I picked up were due to trades and/or convention gifts.

Our first task of the conference was to perform the Foundation Reading. This is a two-part reading that helps gauge your learnings from this weekends. Today’s reading shows you where you are at in reading for others. On Sunday, you re-partner up and using the same cards, see where you have progressed from the classes attended. Drew got to partner with Joanna (we were so jealous), and Rose and I grouped together because of the nature of my obscure question, to which she knows the backstory for. She managed to do a 9-card reading in 15 minutes that was rather deep. Why 9 cards? Well, that’s the amount of cards that fell out as I shuffled her Steampunk Tarot. Apparently the Universe had a brick to tell me and I was willing to listen. In return, I gave her a lovely 3 card reading and some action items regarding her question.

Standing in line for lunch, I got to engage in many good discussions with Nancy Antenucci about reading cards and situations. I sat next to James Wanless for lunch and we got to continue our zany, madcap tarot and business discussions. He’s so fun.

Our first master class with James Wells was astounding. His class taught several personal and group techniques to deal with various grieving processes in one’s lives. From the work done inside that class, I got a depth of perspective that I really needed regarding several recent events. We cried, we learned, and we healed a lot in our own lives. And I know that these techniques will help me deal with myself and the changes coming up in my life. And I look forward to journal with them and get their advice when I feel like I can’t deal with the world.

Broke for dinner and ran into “the city” to grab food (which wasn’t as cheap as the hotel food and wasn’t nearly as good, but it DID provide a new experience) and to print out some handouts for one of tomorrow’s classes. Seeing the area of town we were in really makes me appreciate living in Cascadia. People are saner, the streets are wider, and the energy is just nice. We finally arrived back to the hotel, missing the breakout classes for this evening but finding a quiet table in the lounge where we could eat cake (again, we earned that puppy), have a glass of Shiraz, and write.

And this small break in the rather fulfilled but busycrazy schedule, is heaven. Tomorrow will be even more busy as we have two master classes, more evening fun, and lots of plotting to do! What will I learn tomorrow, guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out?