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Readers Studio Day One

Greetings from The Readers Studio Day One. Today’s activities mostly included setting up the Tarot Media Company booth. We scored a great corner space and had a blast selling all sorts of fun divination toys to the pre-registered pre-convention pre-class pre-participants (see what i did there?). Throughout the day, I also flitted about, delivering hugs and snugs to friends in what I have dubbed the all night Hug-a-thon that happens when you see the friends and people that you care about. I am so happy to be here, been running around all day with a grin plastered on my face, squeeing like a crazy beast, and skipping instead of walking.

I arrived early this year, which was a nice switch from last year where my plane landed late. But I did lose my new Powell’s insulated water bottle, and I’m really missing it. Boo! This meant I got to participate in the Readers Studio Tarot Train swap, which was a calm and fun way to trade decks and products with one another. I ended up swapping my Tao Oracle deck with Mary Greer for one of her wonderful knitted plant fiber tarot cases; got some cash for my copy of The Goddess Tarot deck; and I gave my copy of the Tarot of the Cat People to a friend. I also scored a copy of the sold out Steampunk Tarot for someone special back in PDX.

Conversations with RoseRed, Drew, and Jude about new tarot game ideas (board and RPGs). Scored a bed for Sunday night with the wonderful Theresa Reed, who is just such a wonderful person. Also got to chat with the Bat Queen, Thalassa, who I am so glad we’re developing a friendship with. And also got to converse with Barbara Moore a bit about all things steampunk and cupcakes and zombies.
I even made some monies today by selling tarot cases (one of those orders from my ETSY site), and got gifted with sniffies (in the form of special The Fool body oil and incense) by a friend Bill Tarot.

Tomorrow kicks off early so I’m heading to bed now. Stay tuned for part two of my daily report and continuing lovefest of Readers Studio.