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Review: The Creative Tarot

Cover art for The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin

Disclaimer: I received an eARC from netgalley in exchange for a review. I also purchased this book for my library.

Tarot and creativity go hand in hand. In fact, many readers view their tarot spreads as stories to be unfolded and told. I’ve always believed tarot is a perfect creativity companion: in story creation, cheerleading, and inspiration. Enter The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin. A writer, a reader, and a creativity coach, Crispin has written a good book for creatives looking to learn and use tarot in their creative works. She carefully introduces tarot to the creative audience by describing the tarot history and mythology. Then she delves into the cards themselves by describing the images on a standard Rider Waite Smith Deck, describing how the cards relate to creative projects, and inspiring all types of creatives to use the cards. The back of the book includes some good spreads and tips on how to read for oneself and for others.

This is an all-inclusive book. Crispin pulls creative examples from all over the spectrum: writing, acting, dancing, art. Every card has wonderful stories and examples from the real world which brings each card forward and relatable. At the end of each description, Crispin has added material for further review and study. There’s songs, movies, and books in this section. I found myself bookmarking items and looking at the prints of artwork online.

Bottom Line: Want to learn more about the connections tarot has to the creative process? Interested in having a book chock full of good inspirational ideas? Want some good spreads on using tarot with your projects? Then you’ll enjoy The Creative Tarot. I believe it’s accessible for all levels of readers and is a fun and enjoyable read.