September 2018 Planning Spread

In this post, I’ll attempt to demystify September’s 3 card mini-spread from my Overview of 2018 spread. To recap, the three decks I used were The Enchanted Map, Triple Goddess Tarot, and Spirit Cats. I chose these 3 for their ability to give me concise info and for their ability to work together. The Enchanted Map card represents the theme of the month. The Triple Goddess card elaborates ways to achieve the theme. The Spirit Cats card gives me a guide card whose energy I can call upon when I need support.

Theme: #27 home
How: 4 of Cups
Helper: unconditional love

September 2018’s 3-card spread

“Home is where…” okay, yeah, we all know where this quote goes. September is time to think about what home means to me and to mirror these values both in myself as well as in my physical space. Autumn is here and I associate September with comfortable settings. Finding places to snuggle in and read, wearing hoodies, and cozy clothing. As the leaves on the trees turn colors, I too, need to work on stabilizing my heart.

The 4 of cups is the best “meh” card out there. It describes a longing, for something we don’t have yet. It’s the card of daydreams and in my line of work, they are necessary. Time to take my mental images out for a good look and match them up with what I think home and comfort are. I need to be careful, I don’t want to get trapped in these illusions, for they will always appear better in my head, than they do when I implement them.

Helping me solidify these items is Aiko, the spirit cat of Unconditional Love. Throughout this month she’ll remind me that love and home are one in the same, and if I am placing limits on either of these two items…well, then, it’s not true unconditional love. Part of loving is to learn to accept a person, or a situation (or home) for everything it’s made of, even flaws. So, while my dreams provide some design and insight into what I want my home to look like, I cannot limit what that vision will become. Time to accept the flaws.