August 2018 Planning Spread

In this post, I’ll attempt to demystify August’s 3 card mini-spread from my Overview of 2018 spread. To recap, the three decks I used were The Enchanted Map, Triple Goddess Tarot, and Spirit Cats. I chose these 3 for their ability to give me concise info and for their ability to work together. The Enchanted Map card represents the theme of the month. The Triple Goddess card elaborates ways to achieve the theme. The Spirit Cats card gives me a guide card whose energy I can call upon when I need support.

Theme: #35 Education
How: 8 of Swords
Helper: cuddles

August 2018’s 3-card spread

I swear, I didn’t hand pick this card for August. The month most kids go back to school in the States is the same month I’m being asked to delve deeper into those subjects I don’t know well. It’s time to go back to school and learn something new. I have a lot of classes (purchased online), so I’m thinking I’ll make my way through the classes I have not finished. Expand my mind, my horizon, and learn something new this month.

I’ll use the 8 of Swords to help focus my attention as I work through this material. I need to pull myself out of feeling stuck. We’re never truly stuck, we just forget about the options surrounding us. The blindfolded person featured on many 8 of Swords cards remind us that we have many senses to work with. If one doesn’t provide a strong enough answer, then another will. Sometimes, when I’m learning new material, I’ll close my eyes and let my ears soak in the voices speaking. Cutting the visual clutter down helps me focus more and gives me a clear headspace to learn more.

Fluff, the cat of cuddles, is this month’s guide. The card’s message is time to disconnect from the external and to reconnect with the body. It’s a perfect compliment to intense learning situations where we focus so much on the brain and the work, but forget about nourishing the body that houses it all. I’ll use this energy to check in while I’m learning. Let part of my lessons be how my body reacts to what I am doing. And to give it the stretches and attention it needs to keep me working at my best.