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World Tarot Day, Are YOU Ready?

It’s T minus 4 hours ’till Midnight. You know what that means? Both World Tarot Day and Towel Day begin. And tomorrow and Thursday are going to be jam packed with tarot fun for me. I’ll be adding three new posts between tomorrow and Thursday.

Follow my twitter feed to get first hand snippets of the fun as it unfolds. I plan to use the hashtag of #worldtarotday. You’ll get two posts from me tomorrow: a tarot tea party recap and another answering the question of “What is the spirit of Tarot for the next year?” On Thursday, I’ll share with you my experience with playing The Tarot Game with its creator, Jude Alexander.

Do you know where your tarot deck is? How about your towel? Are you ready to educate, experiment, and see what the tarot can do for you during this exciting tarot-charged day? If not, find your local tarot reader and ask them to share the wisdom of the cards with you!

Banner for World Tarot Day
Banner for World Tarot Day