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It’s a Tarot Filled Week, After All

Whew, it’s only the beginning of the week and I’m already feeling energized. My tarot adventures began today, as I worked with a client on a tarot-related graphic design project. I then set up an appointment to talk with Wald Amberstone regarding my last Tarot School Degree coursework. That happens on Wednesday, which is World Tarot Day. I’m honored that I’ll be chatting with my mentor on this auspicious day.

Tomorrow, I get to reconnect with one of my favorite tarot personalities, Theresa Reed who is hosting a telecourse on Blogging for Tarot Readers. I’m looking forward to the juicy info she’ll share with us that will hopefully inspire and kick-start my ability to write more here and elsewhere.

Wednesday is double-dip tarot day with my Tarot Coaching session and then the annual World Tarot and Towel Tea Party with my friend Ember.

Thursday caps off the tarot fun with a special Skype audience with Jude Alexander who is offering to play her masterpiece, The Tarot Game, with people. I look forward to seeing how this game works so I can spread the fun of this game to my circle of friends.