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Tarot Blog Hop: Lammas

Happy Lammas (Llamas! as I like to call it.) This time I’d love to welcome all the visitors from Kerry Ardilla’s website. May this post be fruitful to you!

The topic for this Lammas blog hop, brought to us by our wrangler Kareena Narwani, is “Pentacles: the Fruits of Harvest.” Lammas is the first of two harvest holidays. During this time, we thank the Earth and the gods for providing us the grains that sustain us. It’s a time of abundance and warmth, of gathering and celebrating the summer. And for this post Kareena asked each of us to find the Pentacles card that we relate to right now.

Three of Earth from The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert
Three of Earth from The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

So, I pulled out my Gaian Tarot and sorted out all the Pentacles (aka Earth). I then focused on the idea of what I have harvested this year so far and drew the Three of Earth. The image of this card almost reminds me more of the traditional Rider Waite image on the Three of Cups, where three women come together to celebrate the season. So that’s the first thing that I see fits into this card, a celebration. There are all sorts of harvests appearing in this card. Fruit, herbs, and drinks have been harvested and made and the ladies are all enjoying the harvest of the land and the work they put in to getting all those items into the hearth. The three women have been working (as evidenced by the woman on the right who is using a mortar and pestle) and now they’re laughing and drinking in a break. Just as I have been working hard the past two months with the move from Washington State and into my new forest retreat in Portland, Oregon.

The second thing that this card shares with me focuses around the work I’ve put into the house we purchased. The Three of Earth confirms for me that I’ve successfully set up a solid foundation to making the home a place where I can relax, celebrate success, and enjoy the world I live in. I look back at the last two months of all the labor and magic that I have put into my relocation project. Packing boxes, loading up the pod, and ending with returning our possessions into their new spots in this house. I love that we have such a quiet location that’s surrounded by trees and nature. It’s the forest retreat that I’ve always wanted to have. Last Sunday we had a wonderful BBQ with friends and it was fun to share all that we’ve done with our friends. The Three of Earth reminds me of why this work was so important. We work hard to celebrate and relax with friends, to reinforce the connections between ourselves, and the earth and how we can use harvest to strengthen those connections.

As the card appears near the beginning of the Earth’s numerical sequence, I see that my harvest has just begun. The physical connections and relationships that I have worked hard to grow are just starting. From a tarotista standpoint, the work I did at the Readers Studio was just the beginning. Later this month I’ll get to continue developing and nurturing these relationships at SF BATS and, in October, at the Dallas Tarot Convention. And I look forward to seeing what I harvest from these events. I also see that the work I’ve done in our new home is also just the beginning of the projects we’ll be doing to continue to turn this place into a reflection of our personalities.

I hope that everyone out there takes time today to think about what you have harvested so far this year. Pull a Pentacles card and see what Tarot inspires you to write about. Thank you for stopping by Tarot Inspired Life. To continue the blog hop, please click here to visit Carylon Cushing’s fabulous blog.

10 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop: Lammas”

  1. You so gracefully make connections between the cards and your life. And I like the idea of RS, BATS, and October being your 3 steps of earth that will bring you to a fabulous Tarot harvest as we arrive at the end of the year. I will look forward to a report then!

    1. Thank you Carolyn,
      I love tarot for that reason… it just seems to eloquently tie in many aspects of life together. It’s so reaffirming in some respects and I can’t wait to see what it brings me next. I’ll definitely keep you in the loop for BATS and the Tarot Con! Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Hi Innowen! This is the first time I recall visiting your blog. What a lovely take on the 3 of Pentacles and I hope that you settle into your home sooner rather than later. However, like me, you’re now stuck with lots of redecorating!! Enjoy the transformation and of making your new house a perfect home.

    1. Hello Louise,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words. Yes, we’re slowly transforming the walls of the house to suit our personalities. Wish we had a few more larger scale pictures for the living room.
      Hope you also have fun with the decorations!
      Happy lammas,

  3. Nicely done and I love the look and feel of your blog. 😀 This 3 of Earth was nearly my card for my own blog. I love your connections!

  4. Hi there – looooove your blog name! I’m fond of the 3 of Pentacles myself and the Gaian Tarot card is just beautiful – but there’s not enough baking MESS in it lol!
    Hope you have a lovely time at SF BATS!
    Ali x

  5. Beautiful. I was happy to see a few people using the inspiring Gaian Tarot on this hop. It is really nice to get away from the “it’s all about the money” energy and really connect to the Earth with the suit of Pentacles/Earth.

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