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House Ritual: Wrap-up and Afterthoughts

It’s been one month since we moved into our new forest retreat. I’m happy to say that almost a week after the rituals were set up that we had 3 buyers who wanted the house. We took the middle bid and put in a contingency that allowed us to stay there until we were able to find our new home.

Our New Home
Our New Home

We also figured out just exactly where we wanted to set our new roots down. We decided that the SW Portland area held the best potential for us in all that we wanted. We put bids on 2 homes before finding the right one. And when we found it, I asked for Lilith, and our house spirit, to help us secure the place. When we found out that our bid was selected out of all the ones they had on it, we were elated.

It took us two weeks to pack everything up. We moved via PODS and by the end of June, we were moved into the new home. I can honestly say, I love being here. It really is a forest retreat with trees and birds, and animals. Our cats have calmed down and the territory has been reset so that everyone is on equal footing.

I’ve never done tarot magick on this magnitude before and I’m excited to report that everything came out as I hoped. Things didn’t go 100% smoothly. We lost two bids before this house, and getting all utilities transitioned over did cause a bit of grief. But in the end, we have a beautiful new home.

Some of the things I’ve learned about doing this is that it takes a LOT of energy to keep up these workings. I mean a lot. I got really tired and had to ask for additional energy support from entities I’m currently working with. I was very emotional but I also knew that what I was doing was for the good of all.

Another thing I noticed came when I started doing some numerology on the street addresses for the homes we selected. The first house we bid on, had a interesting pair of tarot numbers. But it wasn’t an idea pairing for us. The second house was a bit better. But on the house we got, the 5528 pair was perfect. The numbers 20 and 2 equate to Judgement and The High Priestess. Judgement herlds a new beginning and a transition to a higher plane. The High Priestess, on the other hand, represents deeper spiritual knowledge and has connections to the moon. As I’ve been looking for a retreat to help settle down and dive back deeper into my tarot studies, seeing those numbers reaffirmed that we selected the right place to call home.

I’m also learning just how powerful the manifestation ritual spread is and how well it worked for me. I look forward to continuing to integrate it into my tarot and magical practices. I also hope that if you try it in any capacity, that you have fun with it, modify it to make it your own, and let me know how it goes for you.
That said, if you have any comments or questions on how to use tarot in conjunction with magic, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you achieve your goals.