Teachings From The Tower

My vision for the Tower as it serves me in my life. You can click the image to see the whole piece.

I’m participating in a tarot class hosted by my friend Callie French. One of our assignments was to take our “personal life challenge” card and make a collage card. To calculate this challenge card you add the number of your sun sign tarot card and the number of your ascendant sign. It so happens that my birth sign and ascendant are the same, which is Leo or 8-Strength. Which gets me 16, or The Tower card. Fun! LOL

Here’s my artist’s statement for this image I collaged:

Volcanoes are destructive forces. Their lava lays waste to everything in its path, laying a new foundation of earth. Once the lava cools, it becomes fertile soil for new life to grow. The planet up top is Mars, the astrological symbol for the Tower. Also, the largest volcano in the solar system is on Mars. The feather, represents hope: the chance for rebirth. It also connects this card to the next in the sequence, The Star. The series of bubbles, are the wishes and dreams cast out. It’s an unexpected touch, like the transformative power of the Tower to help us get what we want. The bottom text is a quote from one of my favorite songs, “Ground,” which reminds me to keep my feet on the earth and always go back to fundamentals. The vertical text, is the core message of the Tower: it’s destructive, yet it burns away what no longer serves, so we are free to explore what connects us to our soul’s purpose. This art may feel minimalistic in composition; however, I feel it serves the energy of the card… to strip bare and give the hint of rebuilding.