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The 22 Days ‘Till Readers Studio

My good friend Drew reminded me that tomorrow kicks off the ’22 days until Readers Studio 2012.” I mentioned that it would be fun to draw a Major arcana card a day for a countdown and he agreed to whip up a list of random cards. For those who don’t understand the connection, here’s the explanation: there are 22 cards in the Major Arcana. These are the cards most people think about when they hear the word “Tarot”. Specifically, The Fool, The Devil, The Lovers, etc. Hence the reason for my excitement. Then he challenged myself and RoseRed to blog, or tweet, or post our thoughts about each card.

This little countdown kicks off tomorrow and goes daily until Wednesday the 25th. Of course, I also plan on trying to blog from the conference itself… however, my track record on being able to do this isn’t too great. If you’re interested in joining in our merry little project you can contact me (or Drew) and get the list we’re working from. Or you can create your own and join in. Can I blog something small each day about the majors? Stay tuned to find out.