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15 Days: The Tower

The Devil from The Shadowscapes Tarot
The Tower from The Shadowscapes Tarot

The Tower is one of the more difficult cards to deal with. Conventionally known as the card that will turn your world upside down, this card bears some heavy hitting energy. In most certain circumstances, The Tower happens when things are at their worst. It’s a shocking jolt to the system and this energy can be hard to deal with. However, I tend to liken this as a reset button, where you can have a do-over day.

And that’s The Tower I see going on in my life. With the move I’m getting a chance to re-envision my lifestyle. Me and my hubby are moving to a new house, a new floor plan that fits our current life better. I’ll be in a new area to market my businesses to. When I go to the Readers Studio, I’ll feel like I have a whole 4 days of new material to learn and a whole new temporary autonomous zone to live and thrive in. It’s a bit overwhelming and scary but also exciting.