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16 Days: The Devil

The Devil from The Shadowscapes Tarot
The Devil from The Shadowscapes Tarot

The Devil is probably one of the most potent majors of the tarot. He lures us in with lusty promises and tells us that it’s okay to give into those desires. He is, after all, temptation incarnate. While sometimes it’s good to give into urges occasionally, discipline is also needed. While we all think that it’s the Devil’s fault for pushing us and teasing us, remember, the chains around our necks are loose and we allow ourselves to be as trapped as we let him.

I gave into the Devil’s call today. Instead of going out and getting boxes to start packing items, I slept in and took a mental health day. It felt so good to stay in my pjs and just read books and do nothing. The lure, of “You don’t really NEED to spend all those hours working on stuff. You can sleep in. After all, you didn’t go to bed until after 3am last night,” was powerful. And while I know that it’s okay to have one day like this…it’s too easy for me to slide down and keep on doing nothing. I don’t want to give into his vices. I have big plans for my life and they require me to remove the collar and not give into the soothing voice of the Devil.

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