April 2018 Planning Spread

In this post, I’ll attempt to demystify April’s 3 card mini-spread from my Overview of 2018 spread. To recap, the three decks I used were The Enchanted Map, Triple Goddess Tarot, and Spirit Cats. I chose these 3 for their ability to give me concise info and for their ability to work together. The Enchanted Map card represents the theme of the month. The Triple Goddess card elaborates ways to achieve the theme. The Spirit Cats card gives me a guide card whose energy I can call upon when I need support.

Theme: #12 slow and steady
How: Judgement
Helper: warrior

April 2018’s 3-card spread

Slow and Steady is this month’s theme. With all that activity from February and March, it is time to slow down and breathe. I have one more trip to make at the end (yay for Readers Studio). Needless to say, I’m looking forward to having some down time before I jet set across country again.

This is one of those month’s where I love the synchronicity of all the cards. From the Slow and Steady message comes Judgement. Which is another great slow down and look to guidance card. In order to step past all I do, I need to center myself. Judgement does this. It’s that pregnant pause of silence where we’re given time to reflect before the storm hits. So, while I’m moving slowly and deliberately this month, I’ll do it with intention. Allowing my own inner pace and guides to help me.

Standing by my side this month is Mishkin Rough-n-Tumble. He’s a warrior cat and what better guide for April than to have the one spirit who will force me to say no. I’ll use his guidance and wisdom to clear my plate and give myself space. Time to be brave and work on the items I already have on my own plate.