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Tarot Blog Hop: Litha

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! A special welcome to the visitors from John Marani’s website. I hope you find this post as warm and inviting as the others along the hop!

I can’t believe it’s Summer Solstice already. Living in the Pacific Northwest, you’d never guess it. We’ve had more rain than sun this season. I’m hoping that with the dawning of the sun today that it brings in more sun to our wet lands. As far as the Solstice is concerned, this is a time to celebrate the full power of the sun’s rays. It’s a time to get stuff done, and to honor the heat and warmth of Nature.

The topic for the Tarot Blog hop, run by Chloë McCracken was, “Celebrate the Sunrise.” And man, what a great topic! My mind instantly went to wanting to talk about how my impending move from Vancouver, WA to Portland, OR begins by packing all our possessions into a POD.

Unfortunately, it’s not very tarot related. So once again, I’ve pulled out my trusty Shadowscapes tarot to help me brainstorm ideas.

The Star from the Shadowscapes Tarot
The Star from the Shadowscapes Tarot

Brainstorming with tarot is a fun idea. I’ve created stories from cards, names of groups, and even picked gifts just by looking at the cards. It’s very easy to do too. All you need to do is to select a card (or more) from your deck and then you allow the card’s name, number, image, symbols, meanings, etc. to help you create ideas.

The card I’ve drawn to help me Celebrate the Sunrise for this Summer Solstice is The Star. Now when I look at this card, the first thing that comes into my mind is how blue this card is. There’s a lot of blue and purples. So i think about our blue sky. This leads me into thinking about how I should wake up with the sunrise and look to the sky.

From there, I get the following list:

  • Bless the Eastern sky in the morning.
  • Wear light colored clothes, to keep my body cool while loading the POD (inspired by the white clothed person).
  • Count all the blessings that the Universe has given me (inspired by the meaning of the Star as being a card oh hopes and wishes).
  • Visit a pond that has fish in it (inspired by the water and the fish displayed in the card).
  • Learn more ways to tread lightly on the Earth (inspired the way the main figure walks).

Now I have a whole list of ways that I can celebrate the sunrise tomorrow and throughout the warmer weather (when it arrives). Celebrating the solstice, or any holiday for that matter, doesn’t need to be extravagant… sometimes the best celebrations are when you honor and enjoy the simple things in life. I hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderfully inspired Summer Solstice.

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