July 2019 Planning Spread

To recap, in 2019 I’m using these decks: Awakened Soul Oracle, the Luminous Tarot, and Mudras for Awakening: The Energy Body Deck. I chose them because they fit in with the idea of giving me a theme, a means to apply the theme, and a physical hand position to guide me into the lesson. This last card sits at my desk and helps remind me of my goals and gives me support when I need it.

Theme: Family
How: 9 of Wands
Helper: 10. Fearlessness

July 2019 Planning Spread

July is here and I’m being asked to contemplate the concept of Family. This is a hard concept for me to deal with due to my past. Needless to say, I do have a close knit of people I do consider family. This month, Ethony says, “you are being asked to see things, situations and people with unconditional love.” She suggests this would be a good time to let those in my family know I love them and to thank them for being there. It also would be a good time to connect with my ancestors. I am adopted and don’t know my blood ancestors…however, I have been playing with tarot and ways to understand what my lineage could be telling me through my blood. Guess I have my marching orders this month. 

The 9 of Wands reminds me that while this work is deep, hard, and will stir up many hornets nests, it is also a good endeavor to do and I shouldn’t give up. I may feel beat up and wounded; but I have the stamina and resilience to see this theme through to the end. In this image we have a figure kneeling down and holding onto a trunk of a nearby tree. Trunks are the most stable part of a tree, they are rigid and they anchor the tree to the ground. The person has found a strong way to keep their balance, to stay standing despite being tired. I need to remember who I can rely on as my trunks and lean on them as I process the thoughts around family.

This month’s mudra is Fearlessness. I find it oddly comforting to see this gesture arrive for the work this month. Facing hard concepts takes a lot of courage and fearlessness is a perfect companion. It aids in bringing safety and steadfastness. Two items I’ll need as I work through my ideas of Family. Once again, I will attempt to incorporate this mudra in my morning and evening rituals.