World Tarot Towel Day 2014

King of Swords from The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
King of Swords from The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

World Tarot (and Towel) Day and come and gone and I had a fun time! The card I drew for the day was the King of Swords. This court card, shows the King sitting and thinking. He’s on the top of his game, mind full of ideas that are grounded and ready for manifestation. He is a great teacher, ready to pass his knowledge on to those who are willing to listen.

Last year I was at Baycon, being a presenter of writing and editing. This year, carrying on the teaching tradition, I found myself in front of a handful of wonderful intuitive women who were open and curious about Tarot. That’s right, I taught my Tarot for the Curious Intro class.

Image of me teaching a class
Me ready to teach stuff!

The ladies were gracious, attentive, and open minded. They asked questions, they told me stories, and I think they found Tarot isn’t what the media and Hollywood taught them it was. This pleases me because Tarot is a creative and fabulous tool that I think ANYONE can use.

Afterwards, me and the other creators of this group set up a small psychic faire where we did small readings for people. I had 3 fabulous readings with my coaching technique and I hope that those who got readings do the “omg, homework?!?!?” that will help them achieve their dreams and goals!

I also received a rune reading from my creative partner, Anna, and we made plans to do more work and save more of the world’s problems with the awesome power that is us. I hope you all had a great day of tarot celebration, towel carrying and rest!